Labour Court (Amendment) Rules, 2023 (No. 3)

Electronic service
11B. (1) In addition to the methods of service provided for in
these rules, service may be effected electronically by way of email,
Labour Court (Amendment) Rules, 2023 (No. 3)
web portal or other electronic means designated by the Chief Justice
in a Practice Direction.
(2) Proof of such electronic service shall be simultaneously
copied to the Registrar.
(3) For the avoidance of doubt, a sent status report shall
be deemed to be prima facie proof of service.
(4) The Registrar or the Sheriff, as the case may be shall
at all times endeavour to effect service of any notice, process or
other document electronically.
(5) The authentication of any electronic communication
shall be effected by means of electronic signatures, and certified
backup copies of the communication shall be kept in paper form
or by such other acceptable means, as may be directed from time
to time by the Chief Justice.”.
8. Rule 21 (“Record preparation, indexing, pagination and
binding”) of the principal rules is amended in subrule (2)—
(a) by the repeal of paragraph (a) and the substitution of—
“(a) every document filed with the court shall be typed
with a spacing of 1.15 and any exhibit, record
of proceeding or annexure that is handwritten
shall have a typed version attached thereafter
for the benefit of the court;”;
(b) by the insertion of paragraph (d) after paragraph (c)—
“(d) every page that contains any statement in an
indigenous or vernacular language shall be
translated to English for the benefit of the court.”.
9. The principal rules is amended by the insertion after rule 21
of the following rule—

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